Your Calling's Calling
How To Create the Influence, Impact and Income You're Called To Without Sacrificing Everything and Everyone You Love On The Altar Of Your Success....Again.
This Is The 4-Pillar System I Developed To Transform The Pain of Divorce, Loss, Identity Shift, and A Passion To Help Others Into The POWER Of A Thriving Business Of Influence, Impact and Income All While Finding My Soulmate And Becoming The Leader I Knew I Could Be... And How YOU Can As Well
  •  The Real Reason Most High Achievers End Up Bored, Burned Out and Burning It All To The Ground
  • ​Why More Books And More Information Isn't Helping You Take Action Toward What You Actually Want
  • How One SIMPLE Shift Can Literally Change The Trajectory Of Your Life: Spiritually, Relationally, Physically, and Financially

Cody Jefferson | Creator of PainIIPower

Cody Jefferson is the founder of Embrace The Lion®, the #1 Training Platform for High-Achieving Men and Women who are committed to living life to their fullest potential across The Four Pillars® of Life: Head, Heart, Health and Habits.

A former pastor of 12 years, Cody founded ETL out of a deep need to reconcile the excuses and pain of his own life. After walking through a public divorce, stepping out of a longhand career and identity to become a single father, Cody went on to bury 8 family members and friends over the course of a year. While losing everything, he continued to show up as the "yes man" and the guy with the smile, addicted to affirmation and alcohol. Due to an overwhelming amount of stress, his body went septic in 2016 and, at a 106 fever, he was dying. Losing 25lbs in days, he meandered to the bathroom of his hospital room and looked himself in the face to utter words that changed everything; "What needs to die in you to become the man you said you’d be?"

From that point on, everything changed. Now happily remarried with 3 amazing kids, Cody is regarded as one of the leading voices in personal development and entrepreneurial coaching. He leads a community of over 15,000 men and women, travels the country as a speaker and communicator, and is a partner in 3 other companies. Cody is the authority on helping highly talented, over-achieving, affirmation-addicted entrepreneurs, professionals, pastors and coaches lead their movements while thriving in every area of life. He is proof that the SETBACK is the COMEBACK.
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